p53 our dna

Creating exceptional value for human life and health

Innovative solutions and cutting-edge treatments

p53 identifies and invests in innovative healthcare companies, particularly in the fields of biotechnology and medical devices.

We seek to contribute to the development and commercialization of groundbreaking ideas that will transform people’s lives, increase accessibility to cutting-edge treatments and innovative solutions with positive effects on quality of life and well-being.


Building competitive healthcare companies

We work closely with entrepreneurs and management teams to build competitive healthcare companies that we can be proud of. In addition to long-term capital, p53 seeks to contribute with knowledge, experience, and networking through active ownership.

We seek companies that can create exceptional value.

Companies founded on strong science

We work continuously to identify trends and finding companies that can create exceptional value for patients.

A typical p53 company is founded on strong science and technologies, seeking to disrupt the status quo, whilst contributing to better and more sustainable healthcare solutions. Furthermore, our companies are uniquely positioned and well-differentiated globally. We seek companies led by passionate entrepreneurs with outstanding knowledge and unique mindsets, and that are operated by a team that share our core values and belief when it comes to high integrity.

Please see some of our current portfolio companies to learn more.